Competition Suggestions

Entering writing competitions is great for three reasons:

It encourages one to write to deadlines. This may become more necessary once you get that contract signed for a six book deal!

It forces one to think outside of your customary way of creating. You will probably have to work fast to hit the submission date (see #1, which means the creative process is somewhat different to usual)

If you’re tendency is to write huge, expansive novels, then you’re going to have to pare it back a bit, most comps are for short (ish) stories.

Also, a certain amount of pressure can be fun! So, with that in mind, I’ve posted a couple of links to competitions you may be interested in. Most of all, just enjoy getting creative.

  1. Once upon a time…

2. Positive tales…

Lacuna Voices is a UK-based digital space that showcases beautiful, worthy true-life features. They have tweeted, “We’re looking for some uplifting first-person pieces across Lacuna Voices. Do you know someone with a heartwarming tale? A love story? A reunion of some sort? Animals changing lives? A positive health story? Something amazing with your business? Your unusual hobby? Get in touch.” They welcome pitches from all over the world. They typically pay £100 for 1,000 words. Read their Twitter thread here. Learn how to pitch them here and find payment details here.

3. Poetry…

4. Flash…


#FlashFiction101 is a monthly flash fiction competition. It’s free to enter.

Deadline: midnight on the last day of every month. Each entry must be exactly 101 words.

Prize: Set of Tortive Theatre’s Bard Cards. The winner will have their story published online, along with their biography and links to any other work. The winning entry will be professionally recorded and voiced, and broadcast as part of a digital series in 2021.

The winning entry of each month will be included in the shortlist for the annual competition in June 2021. More here.

5. Selection…

By Alexandra

Writer of fiction, sci-fi, horror and more. Painter of magic realism. Grower of cabbages and currants.

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